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Agile Data Strategy

Data is indispensable for modern organization in today’s dynamic markets. But just having data is not enough to stay relevant and successfully compete. Having the right people, organisational capabilities, analytical skills and strategy is crucial to successfully use data and achieve nowadays business goals. Consequently, a well-defined data strategy is more important than ever before.

Challenges with Data Strategies

Creating and implementing a data strategy comes with many challenges. Data strategies show us where we want to go, but are less concrete on how to get there. As a result, the rollout of a data strategy can be very slow or fails to add value to the business. Over time, this can lead to core elements of the strategy not being relevant anymore, because the industry or technology already took another step forward.  

Data Strategy Roadblocks

Data Strategy does not connect with business strategy

Neglecting the facilitation of necessary organizational capabilities.

Not being able to find the people with the right skills.

Technology does not fit your use cases or does not perform as expected.

Solutions are not designed for change or do not scale.

Adapt Analytics’ Agile Data Strategy 

We at Adapt Analytics recognized these pitfalls and have developed a new approach that takes these challenges into account: the agile data strategy. With this approach we support organizations to solve their data related business problems step by step, guiding the buildup of data literacy and organically introduce data strategy into existing business strategy. Working tightly together with the client, we start right away working on the most urgent business problems. We size the problems into smaller projects that end with a deliverable that adds value to your business. The advantages are that the process always stays transparent, there are plenty inspection moments and we maintain necessary flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements. 

To make all this possible, we developed a scalable technological foundation that facilitates an agile way of working. We use a guided learning-by-doing approach to build up a tailored data framework that fits your organisations needs and continuously ingest knowledge and skills into your organization. And should an organization not have the necessary capacity or functions inhouse, it is also no problem for us to provide experts.

Agile Technology

For the agile data strategy to work the utilized technology and the right data architecture are very important. You can only work stepbystep when the technology is flexible and scalable enough to cope with a multitude of potential future scenarios. Our modern data platform facilitates these needs and ensures that technology can handle your organisations growing data and analytics demand. This way, there are no limitations to any custom dashboards your organization desires, now and in the future.   

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